Training and Support- Training: Available at headquarters: 4 weeks. At franchise’s location: 1 week ; as needed. Ongoing Support: Meetings, Grand opening, Internet, Security/safety procedures, Field operations/evaluations, Purchasing cooperatives Marketing Support: Co-pop advertising, Ad slicks, Regional advertising, Product- the items that are sold are different types of chicken wings.

From on the bone to boneless and also comes in chicken strips. You can download am app and order it off that or go in and order. They don’t deliver so everything is based off pick up. Location- In the U. S there is 617 franchises and international there are 28 different franchises. The majority of the Wingtips are in Texas. If I were to open up a winnings I would be sure to open it in Texas. Probably a smaller area of Texas that wouldn’t have one. Why I would do this Is so keep the business in Texas , While spreading it into smaller towns.

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